Lay Articles

Equitation Science is fast expanding with many horse practitioners (riders, trainers, horse owners) adapting an evidence-based approach to horse training. Yet, there remain many in the equine industry that believe evidence-based principles, such as the use of learning theory, are far too complex to be used in the daily work with horses – to the detriment of horses!

ISES would like to encourage its members to share their knowledge about evidence-based principles in horse training, management, horse-rider interactions, aspects relating to the rider – in fact on anything that is related to equestrian sports. Members are invited to write short, succinct, “lay” articles in their own areas of expertise in the field of equitation science and submit them for publication on the ISES website.

Each submitted article will undergo a thorough “peer” review process prior to publication. This way, members of ISES can build a library of solid, evidence-based, easy to understand articles to help further greater understanding of equitation science amongst all practitioners.


A submission form is available on the ISES website.

All submissions should be sent to:


Thank you for helping spread the word about equitation science!