In addition to research activities focusing on the horse, studies conducted under the auspices of the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) may also focus on how humans think, act and interact in equitation-related settings.

The ISES is committed to facilitating research in equitation science that is conducted in accordance with professional ethics. ISES therefore strongly recommends that researchers within academic or industrial research organizations default to using their existing research infrastructure. That said, ISES recognises that academic institutions may not always be able to grant approval for research beyond national borders and that therefore some forms of international research may require approval from an international scientific body such as ISES.

To ensure that research conducted with the approval of the ISES will fully comply with the stringent ethical principles that modern research demands, the ISES Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) provides advice on ethical matters in accordance with the relevant terms of reference. Furthermore, when applying for approval for research involving human participants, the present form must be completed and submitted to the ISES HREC. The HREC will be able to formulate an opinion only if sufficient information relating to the proposed study has been provided.

 Registration Form - Please fill out the form and send it back electronically to

This form can be used for an individual research project or a line of research. Researchers are encouraged to submit research lines, where several related experiments are proposed that use the same procedures and populations. Only lead researchers are entitled to submit the registration form. However, the names, roles and contact details of all co-investigators must be listed.

Ethical approval of a research project or line of research is valid for a period of 5 years or until the information provided changes. Researchers must inform the HREC annually whether the submitted protocol is still active. Once a project or research line has been terminated, the HREC should be informed immediately.