Options for membership

Membership of the International Society for Equitation Science offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to support and be supported by like minded people who are committed to the promotion and application of objective research and advanced practice which will ultimately improve the welfare of horses in their associations with humans.

Benefits include discounted rates at the annual ISES Conference, biannual newsletters and access to the members section on the ISES website.  

All members are expected to abide by the ISES Ethical guidelines and promote horse training according to the ISES First Principles.


The International Society for Equitation Science offers five options for membership:

1. Academic membership

  • open to all persons holding scientific or scholarly qualifications relevant to Equitation Science

2. Practitioner membership

  • open to persons actively engaging in the discipline of Equitation Science. This category is for a rider / coach / mentor / trainer who has satisfied the council of ISES that they actively understand and participate in the sharing of knowledge of the ISES 10 First Principles of horse training.   

3. Student membership

  • open to persons enrolled at a tertiary education institution until the degree has been awarded

5. Supporter membership

  • open to all persons with an interest in and commitment to Equitation Science

4. Corporate Membership

  • Corporate membership is open to charities, organizations, or companies that have an interest in the aims of the Society.  
  • Corporate membership entitles approved organisations to receive information normally distributed to members and to send two representatives to ISES meetings under the same terms as ordinary members. Such Corporate Member Representatives shall have no power to vote and may not hold any position on Council


  • The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st
  • Subscriptions are due annually and payment has to be made by January 1st to renew membership. 
  • Please note that all membership fees are payable through Paypal only.Information how to transfer the fee will be sent to you by email after notification of the application status. 
  • If subscription remains unpaid for six months after the renewal date, membership is rescinded.

For more detailed information about membership, please refer to the ISES Constitution (Membership) or contact the membership secretary Linda Greening membership@equitationscience.com


Academic and Practitioner membership £ 25
Reduced membership for Students £ 15
Supporter membership £ 20
Corporate membership £ 95