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12th International Equitation Science Conference

Proceedings in PDF here ...

Head over to the ISES YouTube channel to view videos of the Practical Demonstrations held at the 2016 International Equitation Science Conference, Saumur France.

11th International Equitation Science Conference

Ethical Equitation for all Equestrian disciplines – Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges

University of British Columbia
Vancouver B.C. Canada
August 6 - 8 2015

Sneak Peak at the Scientific Sessions:

  1. Equine temperament and emotion  - assessing and predicting
  2. The therapeutic riding horse – stress behaviours and biomechanics
  3. Horse welfare –  the working equid, husbandry practices and attitudes among various riding disciplines, including the FEI
  4. Riders – core fitness, position, personality, health, motivation, handedness,  adult newcomers, elite athlete development and the role of the coach
  5. Training systems – target training, transition training, neck lowering, hyperflexion,  artificial aids and round penning
  6. Equipment & restraint devices – martingales, bitless bridles, saddle pads and nose twitches
  7. Selecting a horse for police work;  behaviour as a veterinary patient
  8. Competition performance – sleep patterns, injury in eventing  and a review of the dressage scoring system

10th International Equitation Science Conference, ISES Denmark 2014, August 7-9

Conference theme: Equine stress, learning and training

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Conference Proceedings here ...

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Scientific themes:

  1. Interpretation of equine stress responses
  2. Learning and cognition
  3. Sustainable training and riding



9th Annual Conference - ISES USA 2013

Embracing science to enhance equine welfare and horse-human interactions

The University of Delaware, Newark, DELAWARE. USA 18th, 19th and 20th July 2013

The International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) conference was hosted by the University of Delaware and the University of Pennsylvania, United States of America.


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Download the Conference Proceedings here ... (PDF)



2012 - 8th International Equitation Science Conference

Edinburgh, Scotland, 18th -20th July 2012

Equitation Science - The Road Ahead - how equitation science has developed as a discipline and how new innovations in technology can be used to improve practice


2011 - 7th International Equitation Science Conference 

ISES in The Netherlands, October 26th - 29th 2011

Conference theme: Equitation Science: Principles and Practices - Science at work

The International Society for Equitation Science conference was held in southern Netherlands at the prestigious and well known Academy Bartels in Hooge Mierde in conjunction with the Global Dressage Forum.






2010 - 6th International Equitation Science Conference

ISES Sweden 2010, Uppsala 31 July - 2 August 2010

ISES Sweden 2010, Uppsala 31 July - 2 August 2010

Horse welfare and human safety: the importance of learning, training and education was the main theme of the 6th International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) Conference that took place in Uppsala, Sweden, at the beginning of August. Training and education of horses and riders, from a scientific as well as from a practical perspective, were discussed during the conference hosted by the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

2009 - 5th International Equitation Science Conference

ISES Sydney 2009 - Sydney, Australia. July 12th - 14th

Conference theme: Ethical Equitation – A Sustainable Approach

ISES Sydney 2009 was hosted by the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney and at the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Complex. The conference tackled some highly topical issues including the sustainability of horse sports and the concept of ethical equitation. It included contributions from 200 delegates representing 15 countries.  

2008 -  4th International Equitation Science Conference 

ISES Dublin, Ireland. August 2nd – 4th 2008

Conference theme: The horse-human dyad: How can we improve our understanding of equine training, performance and welfare simultaneously?

ISES Dublin 2008 took place in a most appropriate location at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) – home of the Fáilte Ireland Dublin Horse Show in the heart of Dublin city. The conference was both timely and appropriate as the horse holds a special place in the social and economic fabric of Irish culture, and Ireland is (per capita) presently the most densely equine populated country in Europe.


2007 - 3rd Conference

Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA. August 13th - 14th

2006 - 2nd Symposium 

University of Milano, Veterinary Faculty, Italy. September 19th - 20th

2005 - 1st Symposium

Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, Australia. August 26th - 27th

2004 - 1st Workshop

School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh, Scotland. October 4th - 5th  

2003 - Meeting Welfare of horses satellite meeting to ISAE, Abano, Italy. June 24th

2002 - Workshop Havemeyer Foundation, Iceland - 13 to 16 June