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To enable individuals to undertake supervised research projects, which fall within the field of equitation science, as defined on the ISES website (  Projects must be conducted under the auspices of Institutions of higher education/tertiary education providers.


The applicant must be a student member of ISES. The project should be agreed and recommended by the proposed supervisor who should also be a member of ISES and should be run within a department or research group. The project must align with ISES research priority goals (see ISES Research Strategy).

Grant information

There will be a maximum of four grants available annually, each worth £750. Up to £350 will be available to the department or research group to cover the costs associated with running the project, and the remaining £400 to cover the students’ personal expenses.  Projects must be completed within 9 months of the applicant being notified of the success of obtaining the grant.

Application date

Applications should be received by the Honorary Secretary by January 31st or July 31st.  These will then be reviewed by the ISES Research Committee.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome within 4 weeks after the submission deadline.

Application Format

Applicants can download the ISES Student Research Grant Application form here. When completing the form, applicants should give a clear outline of the proposed project (including the research objective/s, number of animals, statistical methods) and  a maximum of 5 references to other scientific papers or work that have bearing on the proposed investigation. Applicants should provide a statement indicating how the proposed project relates to the ISES research priority themes (identified in the ISES Research Strategy). Applications should be accompanied by written support from the academic supervisor.

Application Submission

Applications should be saved as a MSWord document titled according to the format ISESRGsurname.doc and submitted to the ISES Honorary Secretary ( ) via email. Successful applicants will be required to complete a report form within 12 weeks of completion of the project. A summary of expenditure should also be submitted. The report form template is available here (ISES Student Research Grant Report form), and should be saved as ISESRGsurnameRep.doc and submitted to the ISES Honorary Secretary as an email attachment.

Expected output from research project

Part of the final report may be published in the ISES Newsletter and on the ISES website. ISES should be acknowledged in any publications resulting work/research undertaken with financial support of the Society.  Successful applicants are encouraged to publish their results and to disseminate their findings. A copy of all such publications should be submitted to the ISES Honorary Secretary.  Successful applicants are also normally expected to present a poster, or an oral presentation, on their work to the next ISES conference, or the one after (depending on location and logistics), either in person or via their supervisor.