Countdown begins for ISES Denmark 201414-Jul-2014

Have you registered for the 10th International Society for Equitation Science Conference to be h.. Read more

Equine Behaviour Seminar04-Jul-2014

The 2014 Equine Behaviour Forum Seminar will be held at WHW Hall Farm, Snetterton, Norfolk on Sa.. Read more

Equitation Events Code of Conduct24-May-2014

ISES and WDM join forces to develop an international code of conduct for horse events. Collabora.. Read more

PhD Scholarship24-May-2014

PhD Scholarship Opportunity Determining the impact of the human-horse relation on natural d.. Read more

Early Bird Registration16-May-2014

EARLY BIRD registration CLOSING on May 18th 2014. The International Society for Equitation .. Read more

Equine Management Survey 30-Apr-2014

The aim of this research is to improve our understanding of the ways in which people internation.. Read more

ISES Denmark 2014 Speakers09-Feb-2014

Key note speakers at the 10th International Equitation Science Conference, Denmark, August 7-9 .. Read more

Media Release - ISES USA 201327-Aug-2013

Advancing evidence based practices and learning in equitation Encouraging a questioning, eviden.. Read more

Media-Release USA 201319-Aug-2013

Arousal, attachment, and affective state. Is the horse in a learning frame of mind? How th.. Read more

Media Release 13-Aug-2013

What about the other 23 hours of a day? Why the quality of the horse’s day outside of ridi.. Read more

ISES USA 2013 Conference Proceedings 27-Jul-2013

The conference proceedings are now available for download. Edited by Dr. Camie Heleski and Dr. C.. Read more

Media Release 27-Jul-2013

Evaluation of whip use and prevalence in elite and non-elite show jumpers Is there a correlation.. Read more

Media relase - Rein tension25-Jul-2013

Qualitative (perceived) versus quantitative (actual) assessment of rein tension. What lessons can.. Read more

Media Release - 20th July20-Jul-2013

Does the human voice have a calming effect on horses? Easy Now! Tone and Pitch Of Human Vo.. Read more

Media release Horse behavior19-Jul-2013

Is there a need for improving the understanding of horse behavior? Deficiencies In Horse Beh.. Read more

ISES Media Updates16-Jul-2013

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Position Statement: The use of aversive stimuli in horse training 14-Jul-2013

Ethical equitation is coming into sharp focus in equestrian culture. Concurrently, the alarming .. Read more

Media Release - ISES USA 201326-Jun-2013

Throughout the 2 day scientific conference world leading scientists and researchers will present.. Read more

Media Release Conference USA 201314-Apr-2013

The International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) announces the 9th annual conference with.. Read more

Conference registration open27-Mar-2013

Registration for the ISES USA 2013 Conference is now open. Click here to register: https://crayola.h.. Read more

Scholarships and newsletter items24-Feb-2013

Two PhD scholarship opportunities for horse enthusiasts and invitation to submit items for March.. Read more

Media Release - Conference presentations ISES 2012 14-Jan-2013

Summaries of some of the presentations from the ISES UK 2012 conference. You can read more about.. Read more

Interviews with ISES Education officer Inga Wolframm13-Jan-2013

The following interviews were conducted by Chris Stafford Radio who has interviewed ISES Educati.. Read more

Training principles in poster format for display13-Jan-2013

Effective riders follow principles based on learning theory when training horses. The 8 training.. Read more

Educational series by Prof Paul McGreevy21-Oct-2012

Former president of the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES), Professor Paul McGr.. Read more

ISES UK 2012 - Conference Proceedings26-Jul-2012

ISES UK 2012 Conference proceedings are now online. Click here to download the proceedings in PDF fo.. Read more

Ordering ISES taper gauge18-Jul-2012

The ISES taper gauge can now be ordered from an independent company. For more information about the .. Read more

Video on the use of the ISES taper gauge15-Jul-2012

Watch the video on how to use the ISES taper gauge to check the tightness of any noseband. Click her.. Read more

Human Ethics Research Committee07-Jun-2012

In addition to research activities focusing on the horse, studies conducted under the auspices o.. Read more

Equitation Science job opportunity02-Jun-2012

Job opportunity to deliver on/support higher level equine and equitation science programmes in s.. Read more

Most Promising Student Award - Application deadline July 1st 02-Jun-2012

The deadline for the submission of proposals for the “Most Promising Student Award (/promi.. Read more

ISES UK 2012 - Full conference programme online 28-May-2012

Scientists from around the world are set to share the latest in horse training, management and p.. Read more

Media Release - Restrictive nosebands01-Feb-2012

The pressing welfare issue of jaw-clamping nosebands Horses are the only animals competing at th.. Read more

Position Statements and Recommendations - Nosebands06-Jan-2012

ISES seeks to respond to ongoing as well as emergent issues and is driven by the quality of scie.. Read more

Advice to 'Blood Rule'01-Dec-2011

Advice from ISES regarding the so-called “Blood Rule” Letter posted to the Netherlands E.. Read more