Join ISES So We Can Work Together To Improve Welfare For Horses

Membership of the International Society for Equitation Science offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to support and be supported by like-minded people who are committed to the promotion and application of objective research and advanced practice which will ultimately improve the welfare of horses in their associations with humans.

Benefits include discounted rates at the annual ISES conference, biannual newsletters and access to the members' area on the ISES website.

All members are expected to abide by the ISES Ethical Guidelines. ISES have adopted the Ethical guidelines of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE) and promote horse training according to the ISES First Principles

Annual Conferences

Conferences are the gold-standard for meeting fellow researchers to discuss ideas, explore new areas of research and improve your skills and knowledge. As a member you will be able to attend annual conferences, be it as a student or academic or interested party. Get to know the people behind the science transforming how we think about horses, their behaviour and how we interact with them. 

Promoting Science to Further Horse Welfare

By joining ISES you are committing to the role science plays in promoting horse welfare. We aim to support you, be it as an academic or a practitioner, or even a science-focused owner, and provide you with a means to improve your knowledge. As a society dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge with respect to horses we provide a platform by which you can communicate, with substance, to the greater equine community. 

Engage in High Level Debates

Refine your ideas with a good spirited debate. As a member you gain access to other members via our online members forum, our conferences and other events. Maybe you want to discuss a unified approach to improving equine welfare, the pitfalls or advantages of certain scientific approaches, or even how riding and horse management are transforming with increasing scientific knowledge. 

Levels of Membership

We offer a number of levels of membership to ISES, depending on your academic position and interest, including non-academic supporter and corporate levels. 

Where applicable you will be asked for proof of academic status and/or experience.

Applications for Academic, Associate, Practioner and Student levels are considered within a 2-week window. On acceptance you will be invited to pay for your membership. Corporate and Supporter Memberships can be paid for directly. 


  • Memberships commence from time of payment, and run for the subsequent 12 months, and then automatically renew (except Student Membership). You will receive a notification from your payment method before renewals are charged. Renewals¬†can be cancelled through your payment method at any time or from the membership portal. You will receive a reminder before the date is due.

  • Note that all membership fees are payable through Paypal only.

  • Only Academic members and Council members hold full voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting. This is to ensure that the ISES remains an independent scientific society.

  • In the event of any inconsistency, the legislative and regulatory requirements and the constitution prevails. In accordance with these requirements, the ISES Council reserves the right to change, amend and/or update the membership categories. The constitution may be viewed on¬†this page here.

  • Membership registrations are vetted by ISES Council members, and payment for membership through this website does not constitute final acceptance of membership level. The ISES Council reserves the right to cancel or request an upgrade/change of membership at any time.
  • Applicant membership profile will change to ‚Äėsupporting member‚Äô,¬†with an accompanying notice, if no documentation for student or academic membership categories is¬†provided.

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