Explore the 10 First Principles of Horse Training by The International Society for Equitation Science.

Uncover the foundational guidelines rooted in scientific research and expert knowledge.

A message from the Dutch W.O.W. team to all ISES members and friends of Equitation Science…

When we developed our interpretation of the ISES 10 training principles, to our surprise, it became not only a poster with the translation of the 10 principles each in 10 separate pictures but much more: while having fun developing several tools for practical use, we had developed a whole concept. This first part of the W.O.W. concept contains several elements and various attractive tools to teach novice riders of all ages and their (pony-club) teachers, trainers, instructors. In addition to the ISES – W.O.W. poster on the ISES website, the other materials we developed can be found on our website. Currently, we are working on additional elements for more experienced riders and equine professionals. 
Horse welfare while working with horses, we can’t make it easier but we can make it more clear and fun to learn and teach. We do hope we have awakened your curiosity, please visit our website and/or share this link on your social media accounts (for the Dutch, all files are already translated, see

Examples of Desensitisation Techniques

The quadrant of reinforcement and punishment