Welcome to the ISES research page. We invite you to learn more about the ISES research strategy and specifically its research priority goals. In addition, you can find information about our current research awards including the annual ISES Student Research Grant . The research page provides guidance on how to apply for these awards.

If you have an idea for research within the Equitation Science discipline that you wish to discuss further, please contact our research officer Uta Koenig von Borstel ( Similarly, if you have any ideas for funding opportunities, please contact us.

ISES Research Strategy

  Research Strategy Document  Research Strategy Document 

ISES recognises that research should be positioned in the context of the needs of both the horse and the human. This document outlines a coherent strategic vision for research that links with the ISES strategic plan and clearly signals priorities and expectations. ISES is well placed to encourage applied research that serves the need of equine industry stakeholders as well as the wider equine community. The underpinning theme for research within the ISES strategy framework is ‘excellence with impact’. Impact embraces the diverse ways in which research related knowledge and skills benefit individuals, organisations and skills.

There is a wide range of types of impact including:

  • increasing the effectiveness of education and policy in relation to equine welfare
  • enhancing the quality of life of horses in relation to their associations with humans and
  • fostering the development of enhanced awareness of ethical training methods.

The ISES research strategy has the following objectives:

  • to create and nurture an academic environment that supports and promotes cutting edge applied research within the field of Equitation Science
  • to ultimately be in the position to fund larger research projects in future years, and to support small applied research projects within Equitation Science in the short term. (See Student Research Grant )
  • to encourage the development of research networks within the field of Equitation Science
  • to foster and extend research partnerships within and between private and public institutions and organisations to strengthen global research capacity in the field and
  • to raise the profile of ISES internationally through celebrating the excellence of existing research in the area.

Projects contributing to the following goals will be given priority:

  • Ethical Equine Training
  • Improved Equine Behaviour and Welfare
  • Improved understanding of Human-Equine interaction
  • Facilitating Equitation Science Education
  • Development of Equine Research Methods and Techniques


All projects will be conducted in accordance with the ethical guidelines laid out by the International Society of Applied Ethology