11th International Conference

Vancouver, Canada 2015

Conference theme: Ethical Equitation for All Equestrian Disciplines – Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges

Scientific sessions

  • Equine temperament and emotion – assessing and predicting
  • The therapeutic riding horse – stress behaviours and biomechanics
  • Horse welfare – the working equid, husbandry practices and attitudes among various riding disciplines, including the FEI
  • Riders – core fitness, position, personality, health, motivation, handedness, adult newcomers, elite athlete development and the role of the coach
  • Training systems – target training, transition training, neck lowering, hyperflexion, artificial aids and round penning
  • Equipment & restraint devices – martingales, bitless bridles, saddle pads and nose twitches
  • Selecting a horse for police work; behaviour as a veterinary patient
  • Competition performance – sleep patterns, injury in eventing and a review of the dressage scoring system.

Conference Proceedings

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