2nd International Conference

Milan, Italy 2006

There were 16 papers and 8 peer-reviewed posters. A practical session was held at the Stable Rosenthal (Carpiano) to stress the strong link between ethology and equitation. The Symposium included a specific session that was dedicated to identifying immediate priorities of research.

The Symposium 2006 focused on the following topics that emerged during the first International Equitation Science Symposium in 2005, Australia.

  • Examine the pros and cons of working juvenile and immature horses.
  • How much is too much and how early is too soon?
  • Assess the indicators and effects of learned helplessness.
  • Analyse the various types of flexion, used in different training systems, and how to measure them effectively.
  • Assess the benefits of adopting scientifically verified behaviour modification techniques.

Conference Proceedings

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