3rd International Conference

Michigan, USA 2007

There were 17 peer-reviewed research papers and 6 posters. A tour and demonstration of equine biomechanics was held at the Mary Anne McPhail Center with Hilary Clayton PhD who demonstrated (e.g. the use of pressure assessment to gauge rein tension). A practical session was conducted at the MSU Horse Teaching & Research Center (HTRC), demonstrating the correct application of learning theory in horse training. The symposium closed with a seminar where video tapes from natural horsemanship workshops were evaluated and the pros and cons of round pen work discussed.

Local Organising Committee

D. Goodwin, C. Heleski, P. McGreevy, A. McLean, H. Randle, C. Skelly, M. van Dierendonck, N. Waran

Conference Proceedings

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