ISES supports the welfare of horses by supporting the development of evidence-based welfare and training practices. ISES supports researchers with research grants and runs an annual conference to bring equitation scientists together from around the world to discuss and move forward with research for the benefit of horses. We operate an inclusive policy for our conferences, meaning everyone is welcome, including non-scientists. ISES also produces content in the form of podcasts, webinars and videos to disseminate scientific knowledge to every stakeholder in the equestrian field. 

Researchers in the field of equitation science work tirelessly to understand the welfare issues facing the modern-day horse, and the training and behaviour modification techniques employed for all horses, from sports horses to leisure horses. We are unique in our focus on equitation training methods. We support the use of horses in sport and our aim is support those wishing to ensure sport continues with a social license to operate and with horse welfare at the forefront. 

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Horses will still need our help in the years to come. Leaving a gift in your will is a way of showing you care and want to help, and after showing you care for your family and friends and want to give them a helping hand, consider helping the horse by leaving a lasting gift in your will. If you are interested in discussing this further contact the ISES Treasurer - click here

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