Episode 2: How the ISES 10 Training Principles Impacts How We Interact with Horses

In a riveting new podcast episode, equine enthusiasts and professionals are treated to a deep dive into the world of equine expertise. Renowned experts, Dr. Andrew McLean and Jody Hartstone, join forces to unpack the transformative ISES 10 training principles, shedding light on the intricacies of equitation, behaviour, and welfare.

Exploring Secure Relationships

Dr. McLean and Jody Hartstone engage in a captivating discussion that starts by exploring the core of building a secure physical and mental environment for domesticated horses. Delving into the unique challenges posed by domestication, they unlock the keys to fostering a secure and thriving relationship between humans and horses.

Shaping Equitation and Welfare

Listeners are treated to exclusive insights into how the ISES 10 training principles form the bedrock of equitation science journeys. With a dedication to improving horse welfare at the forefront, the experts share their experiences of applying these principles in real-world scenarios. From equine behaviour to practical applications of research findings, they cover a vast spectrum that bridges the gap between theory and hands-on practice. 

Demystifying Behaviour and Dispelling Myths

Behavioral enigmas in the equine world are unraveled as Dr. McLean and Jody Hartstone debunk industry myths with refreshing clarity. The conversation peels back the layers of equine behaviour, ethology, and some of the misunderstood aspects of competition and nutrition. Listeners are taken on a journey through the science and art of equine training, revealing how these experts are rewriting the narratives in the industry.

Join the Equine Conversation

As the podcast unfolds, listeners are invited to join this fascinating conversation that spans the breadth of equine understanding. From the intricate world of ethology to the complexities of nutrition, Dr. McLean and Jody Hartstone pave the way for a deeper appreciation of equine behaviour and training dynamics.

A Must-Listen for Equine Enthusiasts

This podcast episode serves as an invaluable resource for seasoned professionals, aspiring trainers, and horse enthusiasts alike.

Tune in to this enlightening podcast to listen to conversations based on equine behaviour, training, and welfare. The world of equitation science has never been closer!

Meet the speakers

Speaker: Jody Hartstone

Jody Hartstone is a Grand Prix dressage rider who specialises in coaching and lecturing in Equitation Science both in New Zealand and globally in countries that include the UK, Ireland, Canada, Europe and Asia. As a rider Jody has won several national titles at GP level in New Zealand and has won Prix St Georges International Derby competitions in NZL, Australia and South Africa. Jody is one of the first coaches worldwide to graduate from the Associate Diploma course.  Her particular interests are in foundation training, retraining problem horses and in dressage.

Speaker: Dr Andrew McLean

Winner of the highest Australian Science award, the Eureka Prize for Science, Andrew McLean developed and manages the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, specialising in horse training and behaviour modification. 

Andrew McLean holds a PhD in equine cognition and learning, has been an accredited horse riding coach for over 30 years and has written numerous books (including an International Best Seller) and authored 35 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Host: Antonia Henderson

Antonia (Toni) Henderson is a research psychologist – teaching, consulting, and writing about the psychology of human/animal relationships, and particularly our relationship with sport horses. She is recently retired as a psychology professor from Vancouver’s Langara College in British Columbia, Canada, where her research focused on interpersonal relationships, attachment, and the human animal bond, teaching courses in Human Animal Studies and Equine Behaviour.