Ep.3 ISES Training Principle No.1 Regard for horse and human safety

In this captivating podcast, our panel of equestrian safety experts, including Dr. Jan Ladewig, Jody Hartstone, and Dr. Andrew McLean, engage in a comprehensive discussion on the critical topic of horse and human safety. They explore subjects ranging from separation anxiety in horses and the statistics supporting safety measures to the importance of teaching horses to stand still, a fundamental component in enhancing safety. The experts delve into the identification and management of behaviours that are deemed unsafe, dangerous, or unpredictable in horses. They emphasise the value of incorporating these principles into organisation training syllabus', and highlighting important behaviours that a horse should know to reduce the likelihood of dangerous or unpredictable situations. Additionally, the conversation extends to practical training and safety tips, including methods to avoid flooding, address aggression, and manage overstimulation. The discussion is enriched with real-life examples and stories that underscore common mistakes made by equestrians and the importance of these principles. The panel also touches upon the significance of selecting appropriate tools, equipment, and training environments for maintaining safety during equitation. The podcast wraps up by contemplating the future of safety in equestrianism, touching on the significance of learning theory and dispelling misconceptions, particularly concerning group housing for horses.