Are you a Practitioner member of ISES?

We’re looking for a current Practitioner member to share their experiences at our upcoming Annual General Meeting being held on May 28, 2024.  This year’s theme is Beyond the Bridle and we’re interested in hearing from practitioners who are innovative in their use of technology to improve the welfare and quality of lives of their horses, their clients’ horses or when helping clients.  


What do we mean by technology? There’s a growing range of technology on the market such as heart rate monitors that provide real time insights into arousal and workload, AI supported apps to detect lameness and gait abnormalities, rein tension monitors that can provide immediate feedback to riders, apps to assess body condition and even low cost infrared cameras to detect inflammation or stress state. This is just a small list but if you’re using these or other horse- or rider-focussed technologies in your regular practices with horses we’d love to hear from you.


The AGM talks are short, around 10 minutes, and we can provide support to help you prepare your talk if needed.  After the AGM the talks are uploaded to our website where they become a valuable resource for all ISES members and the horse owning community.


If you’re a current ISES Practitioner member and would like to share how your use of technology is assisting you to implement the 10 ISES Training principles in your practice, please get in contact by emailing [email protected].


More details on the AGM to come.