The First ISES Podcast: Choosing your research subject

The International Society for Equitation Science (ISES) has just released its first-ever podcast on the subject of choosing a research topic. This podcast offers insights and advice for researchers who want to make informed decisions about their research subjects.

The podcast features a panel of equine researchers and students who discuss the common successes and difficulties in equine research, as well as current interests and conversations in the industry. They offer some interesting research ideas that can help guide researchers in their quest for knowledge.

The panel also discusses specific scenarios on how to help your research by collaborating with others in the industry, seeking funding, and gaining support from industry organisations.

The podcast also explores the successes and challenges of getting research out to the industry and how the industry influences research and vice versa. The panel offers insights into the differences between university and private research and the unique benefits and challenges each presents.

Ethics and ethical approaches to research are also discussed in depth. The panel explores some of the key ethical questions that arise in equine research and offers guidance on how to navigate them.

Finally, the podcast offers some personal insights into the panel's own experiences with their research. This provides a valuable perspective for researchers who are just starting out and can help them understand the joys and challenges of working in this field.

Overall, the ISES podcast on choosing a research subject is a valuable resource for anyone involved in equine research. It offers practical advice and insights that can help researchers make informed decisions about their research subjects and navigate the challenges of this exciting and constantly evolving industry.

Meet the speakers


Dr Colleen Brady

Dr Brady is a PhD graduate from Michigan State University and an Assistant Professor at Purdue University and leads educational activities for the Indiana 4-H Horse Program, with focus on using digital technology to enhance education.

Caleigh Copelin

Caleigh is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph with an Honours Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management degree in Equine Management, is now pursuing an MSc. in Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Dr Katrina Merkies

Dr Merkies is a PhD graduate from University of Guelph and teaches equine courses and conducts research on equine behaviour, science and welfare with a focus on horse-human interactions.

Gill Keegan

Gill is a qualified lawyer in England and Australiawho is pursuing an MSc. in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law at Edinburgh University with the aim of utilising her legal skills for animal advocacy and policy change.