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ISES needs you!

The International Society for Equitation Science is currently seeking new council members, particularly with expertise in finances/accounting and in governance. 


It will be an advantage if you have experience of accounting procedure. Whilst the accounts for ISES are not complex you will need to be comfortable using IT systems including but not limited to Microsoft Office, PayPal, online banking systems etc. You will ideally be resident in the UK. Whilst this is not normally a requirement for ISES positions it is preferable for the treasurer's role. 
  • Duties of the Treasurer
     The Treasurer shall:
    1. Oversee that the transfer of the following duty to professional services is carried out satisfactorily: to collect all dues for ISES and be in charge of all funds received by ISES
    2. Present a financial statement of ISES to Council and to the membership at the General Meeting
    3. Prepare the annual budget and submit the budget to Council for review and approval
    4. Make purchases and employ assistance as authorised in the budget in order to expedite the business of ISES
    5. Transfer funds between accounts when necessary to maintain sufficient funds in the current account to meet expenditures and to minimise bank charges, and transfer funds as determined by Council
    6. Maintain ISES accounts
    7. Advise the Senior Vice-President of the sum available for underwriting the Conference.
    8. Assist with the decision-making on applications to the Conference Attendance Fund when the Society is able to offer this. 
    9. Make all documents concerning ISES funds available for the Auditors
    10. Attend council meetings held bi-monthly for approx. 2hrs  

Vacancy 2 - Governance Officer

Duties of the Governance Officer

The Governance Officer shall: 

1)    If possible, be present and serve as Governance Officer at all meetings of Council and the general membership, to ensure that these meetings are conducted according to the Constitution and guidelines of ISES

 2)     Review the guidelines annually and recommend changes for consideration by the Council.  The Governance Officer must ensure that these reviews are done within the rules of the Constitution

3)     Advise on amendments to the Constitution

4)    Call for nominations for Council Officers from members two weeks before the General Meeting