1st Symposium

Melbourne, Australia 2005

The symposium intended to pursue the discussions held at the Equitation Science Workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2004. 90 delegates from 7 countries attended the symposium at the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, showing interest in the scientific understanding of the processes of horse training. The following peer-reviewed papers were presented.

Local Organising Committee

S. Botterrill, A. McLean, A. Warren-Smith, D. Goodwin, N. Waran, P. McGreevy

Conference Proceedings

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Proceedings for: 1st 2005, 2nd 2006, 3rd 2007, 4th 2008, 5th 2009, 6th 2010, 7th 2011, 8th 2012, 9th 2013, 10th 2014, 11th 2015, 12th 2016, 13th 2017, 14th 2018, 15th 2019

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